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Holidays in Maremma are also rich in taste, the breadth and quality of food and wine alone is worth a trip to this province.

The contact between land and sea has given rise to a mixture of traditions that you will find equally game dishes, grilled meat and fish abundance.

The Maremma cuisine has maintained a tradition of recipes sent to the goodness of the past and has become an art that produces endless variety of dishes.
Just un'acquacotta, the dish par excellence of the Maremma, or the delicious pappardelle with hare, or the stuffed tortellini topped with meat sauce, you coming back to the memory of our grandmothers Sunday dinners.

It 'still alive in the Maremma particular attention to the authenticity of the products, despite the simplicity of the recipes, you will discover flavors still intact in the flesh as in vegetables, not to mention the quality of the oil and wine. Among the great values ​​from this area of ​​particular excellence are in fact the wine and oil products. The extensive cultivation of olive trees that paint the Maremma hills have become a symbol, a mark of identification and differentiation throughout Tuscany. For the extraordinary quality of expression, Maremma oils have won in recent years numerous prizes at national and international, are now many local companies that can boast an IGP.

With this in mind realize that it is easy to talk about food and wine tours. We wish you to get lost among our hills by spacing between stops your new wine, a tasty cheese and a fettunta (our exaltation oil). Dozens have the Wine Routes: you can take the "Colli di Maremma" with one of the princes of Tuscany, the Morellino; the "Montegregio-Massa Marittima" with new expressions of the capacity of the Maremma wine, the Brunello di Montalcino and Nobile di Montepulciano, and the last born, Montecucco with the unique flavors of a wine born on mountain slopes.


Some of the most beautiful golf courses in Tuscany are from the area of ​​Punta Ala and Argentario. The gentle hills of the Maremma are well provided with their slight slope to create paths for golfers.

Located in the countryside or near the sea to find yourself surrounded by playing fields into real parks. Young and old alike will embrace this sport or improve their techniques in the two most famous works in the area, the Golf Club Punta Ala and the Golf Club Toscana.

The Punta Ala Golf Club offers an 18 hole par 72 in a hilly area that covers about 6,000 square meters of green cork and holm oaks are the natural obstacles of this beautiful course overlooking the sea.

Opened in 1999, the Golf Club Toscana is among the 10 best golf courses in Italy. The track di18 hole, par 71 winds through the green hills of Maremma offers a mix of sports, relaxation and nature.

About 45 minutes drive you will also grim Argentario Golf Resort & Spa on Monte Argentario just minutes from the beach Feniglia, spread over 77 acres, 18 hole, par 71 and driving range. The Location is extraordinary beauty, surrounded by an amphitheater of Mediterranean scrub with a mild climate that allows you to play golf all year.


The pace of modern society, the speed with which we consume our days have brought to light one of the oldest practices of our history: the Baths. In addition to the undisputed benefits for specific diseases, the Spa offers everyone a moment of total relaxation to recover their mental and physical balance.

Tuscany is very rich in hot springs, in many inland areas sulphurous spring water at least 38 °, which will give you, especially during the winter, a warm embrace regenerating. The spas in the area also offer a wide range of services: spa ablutions can combine massage and beauty treatments.

Petriolo In an exceptionally well preserved natural environment, these baths are known since Roman times (they were already mentioned by Cicero and Martial). Shooting and embellished in the Renaissance, took on considerable prestige for the frequent residences of famous people of the family De 'Medici, the Gonzaga and Pope Pius II.

Terme di Saturnia The park of Terme di Saturnia Spa is the largest park in Tuscany. At the foot of the medieval village of Saturnia baths are an oasis of relaxation. Between indoor and outdoor pools, whirlpools, waterfalls and vascular hot and cold water ... will experience an unforgettable night ... indulge in a spa bath resting under a starry sky.

Spa Calidario 5 km from the sea, in the splendor of the Etruscan Coast you can enjoy these thermal waters. The Calidario is a pond surrounded by ancient walls in which to enjoy the rest of this water that flows at 36 °.


The vastness of the territory of the Maremma and its astonishing manifold is the ideal place for lovers of hiking, biking or horseback riding. From the gentle slopes of the hills up to the vast fields that allow glimpses of the blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea on the horizon, places of culture to the ancient villages oozing history from every stone, the Maremma is able to offer a variety of views between more diverse the tourist who wants to discover amazing landscapes every time.

The choice in this sense, is wide and the proposed itinerary for those who love this type of tourism that combines love for the environment and enhancement of the territory, are tours that allow you to deepen your knowledge of this land who knew how to flatter the most diverse tastes.

Please note a couple of tours with departures very close to our house, for any other information, please consult the website of http://www.cicloturismoinmaremma.it

Cala Violina area: Metalliferous Hills Difficulty: Easy Road: Mixed Length: 15.600 km altitude: 60 m FOLLONICA (loc. STRUT) - TOWER PLAN CIVETTE ALMA - THE ROD TIP - CALA Violin - Punta Martin - CALA FRENCH - FOLLONICA (loc. STRUT) the route by a superb point of view of environment and landscape. It goes mainly dirt roads without any difficulty finding an elevation of the most spectacular stretches of coastline around the Tyrrhenian Sea. Cala Martina and Cala Violina be reached only on foot, by bike or on horseback.

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(Golf Club Puntala)

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